100% Italian design and functional elegance for our fall-winter collection

The cold season is just around the corner and, for some, autumn and winter are just as much to be experienced outdoors as the warm seasons, in order to immerse oneself in the beauty of a landscape clad in colorful leaves or covered in snow and savor contact with a more austere and challenging nature. Particularly for children, this is the purest and simplest freedom. In order to experience it fully, it is essential that in their adventures they are accompanied by garments that are comfortable and versatile while reflecting them, making them feel a little invincible. Our new fall/winter collection responds to these needs, adding its special touch: Italian-ness.

A collection cast in Italian landscapes 

Original Marines' unbreakable bond with the Bel Paese was born in 1983 and has remained so over time, driving for decades the creation of outfits that were representative of the spirit and values of our beautiful land. And in this second chapter of Italian Essence, it is, once again, 100% Italian design and style that is celebrated.From the kaleidoscope of breathtaking landscapes that enrich our Bel Paese flowed the inspiration for outfits for children 0-14 years old that could be dropped into the proudest and most amazing nature, such as that of the majestic, austere Dolomites that served as the backdrop for the collection's shoot. 

A painting of snow, evergreens and limpid alpine lakes hosted the spontaneity and liveliness of the children who wore and brought to life the garments with a design as creative as it was meticulous, as elegant as it was designed to accompany them in their most playful moments of carefree energy.

The lines of the collection

With the start of school, it is inevitable, among the lines of the collection, the Back to School, multifaceted in materials and patterns but distinctly inspired by an American college mood reinterpreted with a homegrown look. Then again, the line including jackets that give a cosmopolitan and trendy look and the Christmas line, with an elegant and comfortable style that fully embodies the spirit of the Holiday season. In short, a rich range of moods for a change of season that intercepts the different needs and occasions that arise in the cold months, without failing to enhance the uniqueness of each child and his desire for freedom. Discover all the outfits in the new collection by visiting the website.