Going to school with sharks. First lesson? Sewing. A journey to discover the most original #BackToSchools

The melancholy for the end of the summer period is already behind us and we are ready to dive into a new adventure, which for the little ones means: Back to School.

The return to the desks this year will be very special: our children have not set foot in the classroom for a long time and we are sure it will be a great joy to run through the corridors again. But back to school, especially around the world, is always a very special thing and every country has its own way to celebrate it. Last year we took you to discover the back to school traditions of the USA, Japan, Russia, India and Holland (read more here), this year we discover those of Poland, Iceland, Australia and Germany to complete our tour of the world of #BackToSchool more Original.


The Australian children have already started their school year as this lasts from January to December and has four holiday periods, one for each season. In particular, the summer holidays are the longest, they coincide with the end of school and include the Christmas and New Year holidays. For our little Australian colleagues, our summer period coincides with their winter so their summer holidays will take place in December, the perfect month to celebrate the end of school by the sea... but watch out for sharks!


To make the first day of school more enjoyable, in Germany children receive a large paper or plastic cone filled with sweets and small gifts (the Schultüte) from their parents or grandparents, which must only be opened once they enter the classroom. A really sweet start to school, don't you think?


We know, Iceland is a very cold country and, due to low temperatures, a lesson called knitting has been set up in schools across the country to teach every small citizen student how to make their own sweater. This subject is taught from the first day of school and allows all children to learn from day one how to keep warm.


For the first day of school, Polish children wear a school uniform called stròj galowy and take an oath at the beginning of the school year. A truly solemn event that parents care a lot about and that makes the first day of Polish school the most elegant in the world.

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