Blue monday: 3 animated films to face it with a smile

Nobody likes Mondays and this day has the unfortunate distinction of being the most hated of the days of the week. But among all Mondays there is one that has had the official recognition of the saddest day of the year: the blue monday.
Monday, January 18 marks this unhappy occasion and we want to offer you a program to face it: a marathon of animated films to transform a sad winter Monday into a day full of happiness.

Ice Age 

A sloth, a mammoth, and a saber-toothed tiger make friends and form a strange alliance for the greater good: survival. To frame the adventures of the three, especially at the beginning and at the end of the film, there are the vicissitudes of Scrat, an unfortunate squirrel who tries to save an acorn, his food reserve. The first in a long line of films, including four sequels and two spin-offs, Ice Age (2002) was nominated for Best Animated Film at the 2003 Oscars. is an animated film that appeals to both young and old.

Happy feet

What makes this animated film one of the best films of the first decade of 2000 is the lightness of the vision, combined with strong social and environmental themes. And, when these are told so well, it means that we are in front of a true masterpiece. The story tells the adventures of Mambo, a penguin different from all the others because he is unable to sing, but, able to dance like Fred Astaire. Unfortunately, the society in which he lives does not include dancing and without what they call the song of the heart, a penguin will never be able to find its mate. Thus, after various disasters and vicissitudes for the frozen mountains and the sea depths, Mambo is exiled because he is considered the cause of the evil that afflicts society; or the scarcity of fish in the waters. But the dancing penguin will find the true cause of the misfortunes and will try to be allowed back into his pack. He will do it to reconcile himself with his family and to live his love story with Gloria.


Monsters & Co.

A city of monsters draws the electricity it needs from the city power plant, which converts the screams of human children into electricity. The monsters that work there must scare the children by entering their rooms through special doors, which lead into the world of humans. Sullivan, starring along with his friend and assistant Mike, is a monster that scares children. Among a thousand adventures between the world of humans and the world of monsters, our scary friends will understand that the most powerful energy of all is laughter and not sadness or fear. A beautiful moral on the saddest day of the year.