Bowling: fun for young and old

With some little ploy and the right amount of imagination, our house has now turned into a real playground for children. And since when you are having fun it is difficult to stop, we prepared another incredible home challenge that will surely keep the young and old of the family busy. 

Are you ready to play bowling? Here's how to do it.

A bit of history

Do you know that bowling originated approximately in 5200 BC.? The ancient Egyptians used to have fun throwing a stone sphere against small pillars, positioned above a track made of silt bricks. Even in 300 AD the particularly smooth flooring of some churches in Germany was used as a bowling alley, where at the end we could find demon-shaped pins. Over the years, some kings like Henry VIII forbade their subjects to play bowling. Why? Because it’s too funny!


What do you need

Plastic bottles

Scotch tape


Home bowling is a sport at no cost. In fact, you just need objects that are part of our daily lives. Plastic bottles of milk or water are perfect as pins, have you ever thought about it? Take six or ten plastic bottles, wash them carefully and tear off the label. Then, with colored insulating tape, decorate the "home made pins" with strips or numbers. Finally, as a bowling ball, you can use a small tennis ball or crumple some pages of Dad's newspaper and wrap them with adhesive tape.


Ready to play?

Now you need to find the right place to be used as a "track". A corridor is an ideal solution, but a living room or part of the bedroom could also be excellent solutions: the important thing is not to have knick-knacks or delicate objects nearby, unless you are already a bowling professional. Place the pins next to each other in the traditional arrowhead shape, calculate the right distance and start the games!

Here is a tip for you: to enter the real atmosphere of bowling, put some dance music in the background and during the game pauses enjoy popcorn or sweets!