Let’s have fun on the beach with Original Marines

The arrival of summer has brought us to the seashore and some of us will have taken advantage of it for a nice dip in the water to inaugurate the summer. Summer means - finally - sea, sun, tan and the latest fashion (if you need any advice, give a look at Original's Beachwear line). Summer means also fun, starting from all the different activities that you can do on the beach. Here are some ideas: 


For those who love retro games, marbles are the perfect activity: a game that will be able to transport you back in time. The rules are simple: the first ball that crosses the finish line wins. The first step is to build the circuit. With the help of a bucket, obtain the most particular route possible: sharp bends, parabolic curves, bumps and whoever has more. You can take advantage of the wetter sand to create bridges or tunnels where you can pass one marble at a time. Do not build a path that is too difficult and end the circuit with the most classic of the straights, where you can whiz ahead of the finish line.


Children's imagination has no limits, that's why it will be very easy to make them believe that meatballs can be made with sand. Sand meatballs are difficult to create and you need a lot of skill to keep them from falling apart! You have to mix wet sand with dry sand wisely until you get perfect and round meatballs that children can pull into the water from the shore. The one who pulls them further wins.


In the hottest hours of the day the umbrella is the best place to be. To spend this hot moment in total fun, how about organizing a treasure hunt right in its shadow cone? This game is very simple and creative. One of the players is blindfolded in turn and the others hide small objects by digging in the sand in the circle of the shadow of the umbrella. Who finds all the objects in the shortest time possible wins.


How about brushing up on a classic from past years? Poisoned ball is a popular team game that involves eliminating the opponent by hitting him with the ball. Two teams, a playing field designed on the beach divided into two parts, one for each team and a shower of balls: the team that eliminates all players first. But beware, an eliminated player may return to play by hitting a player still in the game. How to end the match? Obviously with a nice dip in the sea.

We are sure that there will be nothing more effective than the old, classic games from days at the beach. Choose the one you like best, or try a different one every day. Maybe you will be able to find, between a shovel and a bucket, between a sand castle and a pile of marbles, some aspect of the personality of your children that you absolutely did not know.