The wonders of snorkeling: discovering hidden treasures

The possibility of discovering new worlds has always fascinated us. That's why snorkeling, as it is fashionable to call it today, is one of the most fascinating activities that can be done during the summer. Precisely for this reason there are many people who dedicate themselves to it, from simple onlookers to true enthusiasts.

For those who are beginners, the first step is to choose an easy destination or with warm and calm waters, such as in lagoons or small bays. The sites and protected areas of the islands of the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean Sea or the Mediterranean are perfect because they do not exceed five meters in depth and offer a rich flora and fauna.

Snorkeling is able to fascinate even the little ones, always curious and lovers of exploration. It will be great to see them discovering the seabed as they search for the protagonists of the film "Finding Nemo". And perhaps they could encounter wrecks and submerged treasures, as happened in June of this year when, off Camogli, the wreck of a 16th century galleon was discovered, the first find in perfect condition dating back to this era.

Beyond treasures and galleons, snorkeling is good for the health of young and old. In fact, there are many benefits for those who practice it.

  • It improves breathing: it is like doing aerobic fitness, it increases the effort in breathing by training the respiratory system.

  • Helps motivate yourself mentally and reduces stress

  • Tones the muscles and improves the heart rate

  • It helps joint mobility like any water exercise.

  • Relieves anxiety and stress. Controlled breathing is in fact one of the most used breathing techniques against anxiety and depression. After a snorkeling session you will be calmer and more peaceful.

  • Helps overcome fears.

  • It connects you with nature. Snorkeling allows you to meet the most colorful creatures on the planet.

Then we just have to wear wetsuits and fins and go to the discovery of the seabed. Happy exploration at all.