World Kiss Day: the top 5 of the most romantic kisses in the history of cinema

Today is the World Kiss Day, full of sweetness and passion. And there is nothing sweeter than a romantic film, especially if a passionate kiss full of love stands out among the scenes. We are convinced that the best kiss is the one that still needs to be given, but at the moment here is our personal top 5 of the most romantic kisses in the movies.

5. SPIDERMAN - Peter and Jane  

We are in the early 2000s and the Marvel superhero arrives for the first time on the big screen. Between fights, spider bites and cobweb swoops between NYC skyscrapers, there is a super romantic moment between Peter Parker and Mary Jane: the kiss in the opposite direction.It's pouring rain and the young neighbor of our hero has just been saved from certain death: the adrenaline rush, the danger that has just escaped and the charm of the mask culminate in an "upside down" kiss. Spider-Man appears to her upside down, mobile and articulated. This is one of the most romantic moments not only of the cinecomics but of the history of cinema.

4. GHOST - Sam and Molly

Milestone of the romantic films "Ghost" tells the story of the tragic love between Sam and Molly and there are those who only hear their names pronounced crying, but we want to celebrate love so if you really have to shed tears that are of happiness . Killed by a thug, Sam dies before saying "I love you" for the first time to his Molly. Become a ghost and after helping his beloved to defend himself and overcome mourning, Sam returns to the real world to tell her that he loves her and to give one last kiss to his Molly. The cult scene is set when the two work clay together. If you want to shed a few tears, take a look at the video.

3. ET - E.T and Gertie 

It is an alien, it is disoriented and it is tender. E. T. is in everyone's hearts, like the iconic bicycle scene flying to the moon. But one of the most beautiful and unforgettable moments of the film is the kiss, very sweet, that the little Gertie prints on the face of the extraterrestrial. Moment of infinite tenderness and conjunction between the real and the supernatural.


Tender, unexpected and by candlelight. The animated film Disney, Lilli and Il Vagabondo is the testimony of the fact that opposites attract, even in the animal world. Biagio, wild dog and puppy on the street, Lilly, puppy from uptown. The result? Love at first sniffed. The kiss between the two takes place on the notes of the mandolin and in front of a plate of spaghetti with meatballs and for us it remains unforgettable.

1. TITANIC - Jack and Rose

In the first place among the most romantic kisses in the history of cinema, it could only be there: Titanic. The love between Jack and Rose is one of the most tormented and romantic that has ever been brought to the big screen. The film contains many kisses between the two protagonists: from stolen kisses to the most passionate ones. But the most iconic moment is when Jack and Rose declare their love on the bow of the Titanic in one of the most cult scenes of cinema in general. "I'm flying Jack" sad Rose, struck by the whirlwind of her emotions. And who wouldn't be?