Best wishes to all mothers, our super heroines!

Mothers are our heroines of the heart. They are tireless warriors, trusted advisors, extraordinary life companions. And on the occasion of the 10th May party, we at Original Marines want to celebrate them just like we did with dads: giving you the top 3 of the ones we love most in the cartoon world. A way to thank them for everything once again, but also to suggest some titles to see in the family on one of the next #Originalathome evenings.


Helen Parr is Elastigirl, the super heroine mother of the film "The Incredibles": always ready to take care of her 3 children and her husband. Elastigirl, able to stretch her body like an elastic band, thanks to her superpower manages to be everywhere, at any time, like all moms don't you think? But don't be fooled by its sweetness and its "elasticity", when you touch its little Helen brings out all its "hardness".


Wise like KALA (TARZAN)

Kala is an unselfish, brave and sweet gorilla, adoptive mother of Tarzan. Thanks to the immense love she feels for Tarzan, she always believes in him and is ready for anything to defend him. But the most striking quality in Kala is his profound wisdom, making the right decision for the sake of his son even if it would mean giving up on him. Kala, for Tarzan's sake, decides to reveal the truth about his past, showing honesty, courage and wisdom: quality that every mother puts at the service of her child, always!



Nani, Lilo's older sister, after the dead of her parents, becomes a maternal figure for her little sister. He takes care of the house, works to take care of the family and always has useful advice for his Lilo, now an acquired daughter. Despite not being Lilo's mother, Nani behaves like a model parent, with the addition of being a true best friend, always ready to support her little sister and always give the right advice. Besides, that's what real friends do, right?


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