September is coming: here are some tips to get going again in Original style

The end of the holidays is a difficult time for everyone. Returning to everyday life, giving up holiday rhythms is a step that can be difficult. But don't worry, the return to normal everyday life faced with the right spirit and some advice will be less harsh than expected.

For mothers and fathers, the return trip will be less "traumatic", by force of will and habit, but for the little ones, a few tricks will be necessary to help them start off full of energy, at least until the next holidays.

Here are some tips on how to help the little ones return from holiday.

1. Even though you are back in your town, that doesn't mean the good days are over. The summer days go on and the weather will be nice and pleasant for many more weeks. So don't give in to laziness and try to be with the children in the fresh air as much as possible. How about organising walks in the park during sunset? This trick will help the whole family digest their dinner and sleep well.

2. At home, children will find video games, tablets and TV marathon sessions. Try to limit your children's use and excessive consumption of technology as much as possible, at least when they initially return. Take advantage of the fine weather to let the children stay outdoors as much as possible, perhaps with some school friends.

3. If homework has already been done, it is important to let the children sit for at least an hour every morning and every afternoon doing drawings or activities that promote concentration, which will be rightly demanded in the school environment in a few days. One idea could be to involve them in drawing the best moments of their holidays and perhaps make a notebook with small objects from the summer that is coming to an end attached to it.

4. Take advantage of these last few days to fulfil small desires and indulge in a few "transgressions" that you will then be able to repeat, perhaps only on Sundays and occasionally. For instance, a small lunch on the sofa or cartoon marathons with the whole family.

5. Nutrition also plays an important role in managing the post-holiday return: it must be rich and varied, starting with breakfast. Keep plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole-grain cereals and brown sugar, limit fat and sweets and give preference to proteins such as meat and fish.

We know it won't be easy, but we are sure that thanks to these tips and a little willpower the return to everyday life will be less traumatic and more Original.