#Original Oscars for best animated feature films of the year And the Oscar goes to…

And the Oscar goes to…


Oscar Night is approaching and every movie fan is focusing onto the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The Hollywood gala is also the occasion for moms and kids to discover and check out so many animated movies that came out last year on the big screen, acclaimed by audience and critics alike. As many as 32 titles submitted the candidature for the nomination: a historic record! Among these, only 5 are in competition for the most desired statuette. They are Toy Story 4, Missing Link, How to Train your Dragon – The Hidden World, I lost my body and Klaus. We at Original Marines, however, have started the contest all over again, so we can give our Oscars Original to those we liked the most (and that we urge you to see as soon as possible)!

Klaus – Christmas’ secrets

How can Santa Klaus go through the chimney? Why is he so crazy about cookies? And how does he manage to never be seen? The first animated feature by Netflix finds all the answers, which come handy while spending the most anticipated celebration of the year with your children. In the movie, directed and illustrated by Sergio Pablos, reality and myth are intertwined, and we can see how a simple postman, skinny and insecure, contributes to making kids all over the world dream again by inventing Santa Claus. No magic, really, just a brilliant mind. As it is the idea of the list of bad people: a gimmick that pushes the children to deserve the best gifts. Creativity and tradition, an ode to good feelings that has already become a real cult.

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Uglydolls – Dolls’ revenge

An ode to the beauty of imperfections. Uglyville is the world of dolls with bizarre shapes, where manufacturing defects are received with great enthusiasm and considered as something unique. But, what is hiding on the other side of the mountain? When Moxy and his friends embark on a journey of discovery, they are faced with totally different rules: there the dolls are trained to be aesthetically perfect before being assigned to a child. Our Uglydolls will have to endure manipulations from Lou, the doll who trains the recruits, and learn to remain faithful to their nature in order to preserve their precious diversity.

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Wonder Park 

Never lose the ability to be amazed. This is the message of this movie by Paramount Pictures: the story of a little girl called June who spends her days imagining a fantastic amusement park populated by strange animals. An unexpected bad news, causes the little girl to lose her desire to run wild with her imagination. She will get it back only when she finds out that Wonder Park really exists, and that it needs her help to recover from the state of disarray in which it has fallen. An emotional, educational movie that teaches how to draw strength from one’s own fears.

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A Shaun the Sheep Movie – Farmageddon

Is it better a day as a lion or a hundred years as a sheep? Following the adventures of the most famous sheep in cinema, created by the geniuses of Aardman Animations, one would have to definitely choose the second option. Five years after its debut on the big screen, Shaun has not lost its amazing spunk. Between the gags and the fast-paced hearty laughs, ii also shows to have grown and to have learnt to take care of others. Farmageddon is not just a comedy masterpiece, but also the story of a great friendship – between a strange alien creature, Lu-La, fallen by chance on the hearth and pursued by a government agent keen on capturing her at all costs – which reminds us of the emotions experienced with E.T. and that teaches us about the importance of solidarity towards those who are weaker than we are.

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Frozen 2 – Arendelle's secret

A very modern love story that does not need a Prince Charming. From Christian Andersen’s tale and sequel to the first 2013 movie, Frozen 2 is a journey through the fears and fragility in the past of Anna and Elsa, the two protagonists. Besides the events of Arendelle’s kingdom, the story focuses on their growth from children to young women. Anna and Elsa are two contemporary heroines who challenge common sense, fend for themselves, and pursue happiness in any way possible. The greatness of Disney’s cult is in having turned expectations upside down: “real love”, usually reserved for the princes’ kiss, becomes something else, a strong embrace of solidarity between the two sisters, two friends. With a totally new meaning.

We at Original Marines love this movie in a special way, because we believe that every little girl must have big dreams, different dreams. Because we believe that one day girls can change the world, just like Anna and Elsa. You’ll find the Disney Frozen capsule collections and many more outfits with discounts up to 70% at originalmarines.com