Friendship day

Friends are special people: they understand us, support us and make us live unforgettable moments. It is no coincidence that it is said: "whoever finds a friend finds a treasure", a saying to be dedicated to every friend, especially today, which is World Friendship Day. We at Original Marines, on the occasion of Friendship Day, recommend three fun outdoor games for your little ones and their fellow adventurers. Let's find out together.

Ready, steady, go… a three-legged run!

Raise your hand if you have never played this hilarious game at least once in your life. Get a rope or scarf to tie your child's right leg to his best friend's left leg, then draw a start and finish line for the run. After the start will they be able to reach the finish line without falling?

Get ready to face a war ... of water balloon

Rule number one of the War Gavettone: arm your little warriors with lots of colored balloons, water, buckets where to leave the water balloons and costumes to make your little boy and girl face the water war;

Rule number two: organize two teams and delimit the battlefield;

Rule number three: deploy the borders and start the launch of the water balloon. Whoever hits the most friends from the rival team wins!

Everyone in the pool to have a diving competition!

Splashes, splashes, challenges ... in the summer there is nothing more fun than a day at the pool spent with friends. Why not make it even more fun with a nice diving competition on Friendship Day?

Like any self-respecting competition, the jury is mandatory. Have the children make paper signs with the numbers from 1 to 10 that they will use to vote for the best dive.

The diver with the highest score will be the winner!

Now that your children know what activities to do with their best friends on World Friendship Day, how about completing the celebrations with a couple look?

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