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Monthly Archives: October 2021
  1. Halloween: here are three movies to watch on the scariest night of the year

    Halloween: here are three movies to watch on the scariest night of the year

    Halloween is here. And lots of kids are starting to dress up and put on makeup to celebrate the October 31 party in the best way possible. But after the festivities, how about continuing to keep the mood going by watching a chilling movie? In this article we suggest three titles to watch all as a family. Let's discover them together.

    For Vampire fans: Hotel Transylvania

    Count Dracula is the owner of a hotel that hosts only monsters from every corner of the world. Among his daily concerns is certainly the management of the hotel, but to complicate his days is the relationship with his daughter Mavis, 118 years old, who falls madly in love with a human being accidentally ended up among the guests of the structure. Will she ever be able to accept their love?

    For the little monsters Original: Monster & Co.

    The film tells the story of Sulley and Mike, two monsters who work for the Monster & Co. factory in Mostropoli. Their job is to scare children for a very specific reason: to get electricity from the screams of small humans around the city. The professional life of the two will be complicated by the encounter with little Boo, a child who will undermine the tranquility of the city.

    For witches addicted: The Witches by Robert Zemeckis

    It is 1968 when a young orphan named Bruno goes to live with his grandmother Spencer in Demopolis, Alabama. Unfortunately, the decision to move to such a place was not a very good idea: numerous gatherings of beautiful and diabolical witches have just returned to the village to hunt down children and turn them into horrible rats. Will she manage to save herself?

    Now you know what movie to watch on the scariest night of the year. But do you know what outfit to wear to celebrate it in the best way? If you still haven't decided what to wear, you can take a look at our Halloween-style outfits on our website or in our stores.


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  2. October 31 is approaching: here are three looks for a scary Halloween!

    October 31 is approaching: here are three looks for a scary Halloween!

    Halloween is just around the corner. And behind the doors so many witches, monsters and zombies are coming to visit you. How about you? Have you already thought about what to make your kids wear during the scariest night of the year? In this article we recommend three look ideas for a killer party.

    Original Witches are among us.

    The night of the witches is about to begin and for the occasion you need the right look with a dark soul. How about a total black dress and bell skirt with tulle ruffles and embroidered spiders?

    No tricks, the little monsters are roaming the city.

    Here we go again, like every year someone is going to knock on the door claiming treats and lots of candy. They usually come with scary masks and baskets where they keep their sweet loot. And why not, even with long-sleeved black t-shirts with the words: trick or treat?

    What would Halloween be without Zombies?

    At Halloween everything is allowed and you can freely give vent to your creativity. To fully enter the mood of the party does not necessarily need a total black look. Even a red, black and gray camouflage jacket, combined with a bit of makeup can do the trick to become the most terrifying zombie of the night.

    These looks didn't impress you enough? Then check out the many Halloween-style outfits for your scary kids at or in our stores. And to get the ball rolling, have them participate in the Original

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  3. Weekend Original: here are three ideas for an autumn weekend

    Weekend Original: here are three ideas for an autumn weekend

    Autumn has arrived a few weeks ago and begins to bring with it the first cold, the bright colors of yellow, red and orange, transforming as only he knows how to do the landscapes in magical places and fairy tales. If you still haven't organized your weekend, here are three ideas for an autumn weekend to spend all with your family.

    Choo-Choo! The foliage train is ready to leave!

    If you love traveling and your children are young explorers, you can't miss one of the most beautiful train routes in Italy: the Vigezzina-Centovalli. It leaves from Domodossola with the foliage train, and then arrives in Locarno, Switzerland. Once on board you will experience an exciting family adventure, crossing fifty-two kilometers of fairy-tale landscapes with breathtaking views of mountains, colorful forests and enchanting lakes. Will you be able to keep your eyes away from the window?

    Mom, Dad, are we going to pick chestnuts in the woods?

    Do you love walking? A great idea

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  4. Grandparents Day: three Original activities to do together with grandchildren

    Grandparents Day: three Original activities to do together with grandchildren

    They took us hand in hand to the park to play, took care of us cuddling us and always said yes when mom and dad said no. As every year, in Italy, the 2nd of October is celebrated Grandparents Day. To better spend this day dedicated to the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, we at Original Marines recommend three simple and fun activities for them to do together. Let's discover them together.

    Grandparents, shall we bake a cake?

    Many children, regardless of age, like to play in the kitchen helping to prepare dinner or treats. A great idea to celebrate their special relationship could be to spend a great afternoon preparing a delicious cake, perhaps AGrandma's cake, to share together at snack time.

    Grandpa, can you teach me how to play cards?

    How about a nice game of cards with Grandpa? In addition to being simple and fun, it can be a great educational game for children, so as to begin to become familiar

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