Happy #friendshipday!

Friends are always by our side, in every moment of life: with them we laugh and cry, we share tears of joy and sadness. Often it can happen to have your friends far away, but thanks to chats and video calls whole oceans seem to fade and it is possible to be close even in different states. We must not forget that true friendships resist everything and those who love us are always close, for this reason, since 2011, the World Friendship Day has been celebrated every July 30th, in which we at Original want to tell you about the most united pairs of friends. cartoons.


A friendship born from a novel "History of a seagull and the cat who taught her to fly" by the Chilean writer Luis Sepúlveda, The seagull and the cat is an Italian animated film of 1998. Zorba, black cat with a kind soul, promises a dying gull mother that it will not eat her egg, but that it will take care of the egg until hatching and that it will teach the little one to fly. Fortunata will be born from the egg which, although at the beginning you think you are a cat, thanks to the friendship of Zorba and the other felines, in the end she will be able to understand what is her place in the world. A testimony that friendship is a matter of mind and not of species.


Two characters belonging to two different worlds: the interstellar space and the wild west. The story of Woody and Buzz is told in the successful Pixar saga "Toy Story". The relationship between the two is not immediately optimal because of the different worlds to which they belong and as the owner Andy, who has always been fond of the cowboy Woody, is overwhelmed by a sudden love for space and for galactic rangers, of which Buzz is a proud standard-bearer. Only the threat Sid, a child who tortures toys and an imminent move manage to give birth to the right spirit of collaboration between the two. A team effort that makes the friendship between the two toys blossom which will end up understanding that they have many things in common. Thanks to Woody's cunning and Buzz's skills, everyone manages to get back to their place, in time for the move.


The story is inspired by Russian folklore and tells the adventures of the small and lively Masha and her tender friend Bear. Friendship is loving each other without reserve, even fighting (but then making peace), growing and having fun together. In this particular couple, Bear supports and protects little Masha even when she becomes a little too naughty: like best friends does.


The perfect mix between irreverence and cheerfulness and famous for the musical catchphrase Hakuna Matata. Timon and Pumbaa are a meerkat and a warthog who teach Simba to live ... without thoughts. The two are good and kind to Simba, they take care of him when he is most vulnerable, as he has just lost his dad: because a real friend is seen in time of need.

Even if we talk about cartoons, it is good to remember that friendship is not fiction but it is tangible in everyday life and often best friends are also seen from the outfit, rigorously matched. On the originalmarines.com website you can find the best looks for him and her, to live a summer as true best friends.