Grandparents Day: three Original activities to do together with grandchildren

They took us hand in hand to the park to play, took care of us cuddling us and always said yes when mom and dad said no. As every year, in Italy, the 2nd of October is celebrated Grandparents Day. To better spend this day dedicated to the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, we at Original Marines recommend three simple and fun activities for them to do together. Let's discover them together.

Grandparents, shall we bake a cake?

Many children, regardless of age, like to play in the kitchen helping to prepare dinner or treats. A great idea to celebrate their special relationship could be to spend a great afternoon preparing a delicious cake, perhaps AGrandma's cake, to share together at snack time.

Grandpa, can you teach me how to play cards?

How about a nice game of cards with Grandpa? In addition to being simple and fun, it can be a great educational game for children, so as to begin to become familiar with logic and numbers. You can start with rubamazzetto, UNO, scopa and many other games that grandparents know and know how to teach their grandchildren making them strong players.

Grandparents, can I tell you a story?

To make grandparents happy it takes very little and it is not necessarily necessary to spend money to make them a present. A small gift such as a poetry or a story dedicated to them and read by the grandchildren, perhaps transcribed by your children on a sheet of paper with a nice drawing attached, will certainly fill their hearts with joy.

And to complete the celebration, how about a nice coordinated look between grandparents and grandchildren?
A shirt, sweatshirt or T-shirt of the same color to be worn by both could be a nice idea to make this day unforgettable.
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