The Super Bowl is a family party!

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States, and every year it is a topic in Europe too, where American football has few aficionados. This tradition that goes beyond the mere game, and it shows how good Americans are in transforming big events into unforgettable experiences: thorough preparation, food ready to eat, music and top level entertainment. And especially the thrill of sharing a unique moment that people have been waiting for all year long.    

A perfect excuse to have fun together as a family in an Original way, just as we like it! So why not tuning our big screens to it in Italy too? Here for you are some useful tips on how to put together a special evening with your children in the spirit of stars and stripes. To avoid spoilers on the final score (it will play at half past midnight on February 3rd), make sure to watch the game via deferred coverage, given the time difference!

How to decorate the house

Stars and stripes everywhere! The atmosphere of the Super Bowl cannot be reproduced without flags on various sizes fluttering around the living room. The children have the most demanding chore: create with paper and markers the decorations for the two competing teams. This year they are the Kansan City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers: so, what you’ll need to get are feathers and Indians for the Midwest team and the number 49 for the Californian team.

Eating and Drinking

The truth behind American sport events is that they are an excuse for eating! The Super Bowl is just that, considering that food consumption in the States is higher only during the Thanksgiving celebration. In figures: 1.35 billion chicken wings, 12.5 million pizzas and, useless to say, a staggering amount of beer!

A Super Bowl worthy of its name cannot be lacking in many kinds of multi ethnic street food: nachos and guacamole, fried chicken and onion rings, hot dogs and popcorn.  And could it be without cheesecake for dessert?! We can indulgence our favorite food and have it easy to reach: an important rule is to place the food on a table by the couch, to avoid getting up during the strategic moments of the game.

What not to miss

The actual game is 60 minutes but two and a half hours of entertainment: the Super Bowl is not just sport, but an explosive format that throughout the years has created at least three thrilling moments for the viewers: the American anthem, always emotional, this year interpreted by Demi Lovato, the commercials, which are really short movies and to top them all, the famous halftime show: a super concert featuring the two stars of Latin pop Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performing at the Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

What to wear during the game

There is no match without the teams’ uniform colours. But this year they are identical! Yes, both teams have red, white, and yellow colours (sun rays for the Chiefs and gold for the 49ers). Kind of a problem to differentiate the fans, but no worries: we have an idea. Let’s trace an imaginary line at the center of the room and this will create a separation the fans rooting for their favorite team!

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