Visiting New York in 24 hours? Mission possible with Penelope and Quinn

New York is on of the world’s most fascinating cities and if has always been one of the destinations most sought after by tourists. Often, to get to know New York an entire life is not enough, imagine being a tourist. However, with some useful tips and accompanied by some local people it can be visited in just 24 hours. Penelope and Quinn, are the protagonists of Original Marines’ #WeAreOriginal campaign, and our travelling companions in this adventure. They moved from Texas around 4 years ago and with New York City, it was love at first sight!


New York is the city that never sleeps but these early hours are perfect to enjoy a stroll through Central ParkPenelope and Quinn know it very well; in fact, their dad works in an office nearby. Central Park is the green lung of the city and it is in mid-town Manhattan: even if we don’t go deep inside it, we can spend a few hours in this immense swath of green. More than 300 hectares of meadows, forest, fountains and lakes, to jog in the morning like real New Yorkers do, maybe with Penelope, who trains here to become the fastest runner at her school. Here is the Museum of Natural History, where you can admire incredible stuffed animals, such as elephants and lions but also rare stones, minerals or even meteorites. To end the morning, a good breakfast among the elegant cafés of the Upper East and West Side, where you can sip your coffee while admiring the amazing foliage of this season.  


Times Square is the perfect place for lunch and dip into the New York frenzy. More than a square, this is a crossroad, the spot where Broadway intersects Seventh Avenue, and from this point, all the energy of New York seems to radiate, spreading along the city’s major roads. Times Square is a never-ending string of lights, shops, bars and eccentric people and often Quinn finds there the mascots and the ads of his favourite video games. This is the theatre district, the birthplace of Broadway’s legend. There are a myriad of places to visit just walking around here: for example, Fifth Avenue, New York’s famous shopping area, Penelope loves to design handbags and hopes one day to have them displayed in some of the windows of this street.  They recommend a typical hot dog to enjoy while visiting the neighbourhood, where you can see the Rockefeller Center and the exquisite Saint Patrick Cathedral, which creates a truly impressive contrasting effect among the modernity of the skyscrapers.


The afternoon is dedicated to art. New York offers so many opportunities in terms of visiting museums, but the MOMA, New York’s museum of modern art deserves a special mention, especially for the development of modern art. It is often considered the most important modern museum in the world. We know that people of all ages will be amazed by these art works and the wide architectural space: art lovers, like Penelope, and those who are more drawn by the art of skateboarding, like Quinn. In the late afternoon you can stop at the Guggenheim museum. Its special shell-like shape, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, makes it a work of art and its collection is definitely one of the most beautiful in the world. The exhibitions go through different historic periods and artists: from Impressionism to contemporary art and more.


In the evening, we recommend to reach by subway the area of the Brooklyn Bridge, to admire another symbol of the city. The area of Brooklyn is full of restaurants and many interesting establishments. When you are on the other side, you will face a fantastic view of downtown Manhattan as the sun sets, a splendid image to hold in your memory and your photos.  

We know it is not easy to visit the Big Apple in just 24 hours, but this short itinerary may help you to decide, should you need it, what to visit when there is such little time available. The main suggestion is to always ask local people to help you and maybe decide on a personalized itinerary based on the interests of the entire family.