All children are Original. Take mom’s and dad’s word for it. #weareoriginal

All children are original, especially in the eyes of their parents. And when the parents are professional photographers the way they see them can start something big. With Heather MooreHelena SchützBruno Ripoche and Paolo Zambaldi, fashion photographers and full-time parents, we have created #WeAreOriginal, a campaign to celebrate parents’ love for their children and for fashion in kids’ everyday life seen through the eyes of those who love them the most. From New York to the French countryside, from Copenhagen to the Alps. Four families, four different countries, four fashion photographers and their truly original children: Lykke, Levi, Penelope, Quinn, Andrea, Neil and Francesco.

WeAreOriginal – Original Marines

Levi and Lykke are creative like their mom Helena, that’s why in school they are not particularly fond of math. Lykke loves creating robots and automobiles with cardboard boxes, while Levi has the soul of a performer and often launches into dances and sings out the songs of his favourite video games. For our #WeAreOriginal campaign, we followed them on their way to school in their home town of Copenhagen and caught up with them while immersed in nature at their holiday home in Sweden, near their maternal grandparents. 

Abbigliamento Bambini - WeAreOriginal

Andrea and Neil are twins and they love to spend the afternoon playing with their dog in the garden, basking in the sun of the French countryside. When they are inside the house, they watch movies and argue over who wins the board games. Dad Bruno had a great time during the shoot, as he tried to immortalize their style in pictures. Bruno admits that Andrea certainly has a clearly defined style, while Neil… could probably care less. Maybe this makes him the coolest in the family.

Vestiti per Bambini - WeAreOriginal

Quinn and Penelope live in NYC but were raised in Texas and the brightness of vast landscapes still reflects on their faces. They are impressed by all the taxicabs swirling around the city and their heads are always turned up towards the tall skyscrapers. Heather loves to take their photos, especially to highlight their differences. Penelope has two dreams: becoming an athlete and creating trendy handbags. This is why in the #WeAreOriginal photos we see her going from basketball courts to the swankiest bakeries in Brooklyn. Quinn instead is somewhat a geek, he loves math and science and often makes jokes that only he understands. And this is already super funny. He is his sister’s best friend, that’s why we see them together almost all the time. 

Abbigliamento Bambino - WeAreOriginal

Then there is Francesco, a child with sweet and bright eyes. He loves nature and recognizes plants and flowers at first sight. He loves going on walks with dad Paolo through Swiss meadows, although he often accompanies him to Milan for shootings. Occasionally he flies a toy airplane down the valley and enjoys seeing it floating in the wind. For #WeAreOriginal we see him in his element: nature. It has been refreshing to know that life can be like this, serene as a valley.

#WeAreOriginal is a project born during the lockdown, which transformed the constraints of that period in a completely different and more sincere way to present the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection. A collection full of ideas and styles, suitable for all boys and girls. Starting from the Back To School line, with its cream, red and blue tones and tartan patterns, all the way to the elegant Special Day themes, with surges of pop and active-wear in the middle. Thanks to the Organic Cotton line, sustainability is also the big star: a special capsule in collaboration with Disney®, made of 100% organic cotton, a natural fibre produced, processed and certified according to organic products standards.  And certainly, the Collection Capsules dedicated to Halloween and Christmas could not be missing. Casual, functional and comfortable garments made for living and exploring the world.

The #WeAreOriginal campaign gives kids their voices to show that each one of them is already original. It just takes eyes to see it. And this time, they are the eyes of their moms and dads.

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